DaSuppaStudios is a developer and publisher of games for mobile devices

Our company was established in 2008 and in just a few years our tight-knit team of hard workers came up with more when ten successful mobile games which became popular in many countries.

The Companys pride and joy is Tankzors with its sequel Tankzors Pro for J2ME. Over 15 million in CIS, Europe and Asia have joined Tankzors, while total 3-year income amounted up to $2.5M.

According to IDC surveys, annual growth of the smartphone market is estimated to be 50%. At the same time, the downloadable apps market is pointing to growth from 10.9 bln downloads in 2010 to 76.9 in 2014! The new tablet computer market segment, as shown in estimate by the Informa agency, is going to top 230M devices by 2015.

We stay up-to-date with the latest news from mobile markets and consumers expectations. All of our new games are launched on a number of contemporary platforms: iOS, Android etc. Most of DaSuppaStudios games are free for download; the revenue comes from in app purchases. This makes it the users responsibility to decide after installation whether to pay and this substantially raises both loyalty and revenue.

Successful game production and developing the marketing portfolio enables us to build ambitious strategies. We love what we do and we put our heart and soul into games that are loved (or are just about to be loved) by millions.

Our principles:

  • Game as a business. We are very careful when choosing ideas for future games, retaining only the most promising. Product quality is essential when taking our decision.
  • Game as a service. Game development does not finish with version release, but carries on.
  • Game as a survey. Our games pass through multiple focus group filters before release. We keep in close touch with our users, who are our strictest and most frank critics.
  • Game as improvement. We employ cross-platform development technologies in order not to divide but to integrate our users and partners.
  • Game as a game. We ourselves like to play the games we make. On weekends and at night when it doesnt interfere with the job. And you can be sure, its a pleasure!

RoboDef Online

Super tower defense with elements of arcade, a variation on the Tower Defense by producers Tankzors and Tankzors Pro!