Tankzors: base

Part. It's the first part of Tankzors.

What about Tankzors? Java game Tankzors based on the classic NES game Battle City.
You are a tank and you drive around and blow the heck out of everything in sight.

Tankzors is pretty simple. Sometimes you have to blow up the enemy, and other times you have to make your way through walls or other obstacles. You get coins for every crushed enemy. With the help of these coins you can upgrade your tank and install different types of weapons available in the games workshop feature.

Weapons. There are 35 various types shells, armor, mines, dynamite, plasma, ect.

Levels. There are 40 different mission levels in the desert, roaming through the dunes, at the enemys base, making your way through steel and concrete or fighting your enemies in vast grass fields. In addition to that you can download more than 10 online missions from the Internet.

Controls. It is simple too. In more detail click on controls of Tankzors.

You can better acquainted with the game with this video:

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