Tankzors Pro

Part. The second. It's a sequel of Tankzors.

What's new? There are 30 absolutely new missions and many online missions, new types of tanks and other units (artillery, tanks-kamikaze, Boss's tanks), new graphics. But that's not all.

What else? Now tank upgrade is kept in your account even in online missions. Allied tanks and turrets help you in missions. You can fight side by side with them and fix them to your repair kits.

Graphics. It's cream-dream deluxe: traces of tank tracks, palm trees, clouds, highlighting, smoke haze, etc. You can use manual mode of graphic level.

It's amazing! Tankzors Pro has triggers! They react differently to your behavior in the game and ... give you surprises. Actually it has become more fun to play.

New buttons for touch-screen phones. To go to weapon selection menu, to enter workshop, to repair a tank.

Controls. The new options have been added to control keys for Tankzors Pro.

You can better acquainted with the game with this video:

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